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What can actually be shipped to an Amazons warehouse?

Updated: Apr 1

Covid-19 - has changed most of our business' structure. Now we really need to think about what products to sell through FBA, but how do we know whats actually allowed?

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We have updated the Restock Inventory page and Restock report in Seller Central so you can check which products are eligible for shipment creation.”

Amazon continues its focus on available capacity on the highest priority products that customers need at this time, while also adhering to social distancing guidance within our fulfillment centers to keep our employees safe and healthy.

Amazons Perspective

Amazon is doing their best to balance both safety and seller needs. They consider many factors when determining eligibility, including high-demand products customers need now; current inventory levels and inventory in transit; fulfillment center capacity; and their ability to adhere to the latest health guidelines.

“The list of allowable products is being updated"

So what can be shipped to Amazons warehouse as an FBA seller?

Depending on your business model, you may be already in the health category space so this doesn't really apply to you. For everyone else, now you're set with a choice, abandon your current products you have and sell them off through other channels and restock only "essential" goods or wait it out. Waiting it out could be months, and storage inventory costs will only increase. If your pretty invested into one category, the best bet is to sell out current inventory thats in FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) centers and either sell only by FBM (fulfilled by merchant) or sell on eBay and/or other platforms in the meantime.

How to Move Forward

The list of allowable products is being updated. The other option is to start researching new products within the health category, and before making any orders, click through sell this item on Amazon to see if its allowed without any restrictions, though it is risky as this is temporary but could become a new avenue for your business even after all of this settles. A great way to know how well a product may sell is by knowing its sales rank. Inputting this info into the SPM Analyzer app will help you in determining your next steps for selling through Amazon.

Lets face it.

All of us are working hard to restore our regular day to day functions. Keep your head up and understand that Amazon is working for us, so aligning our focus with their guidelines is the best way we can continue being ahead.

Continue to stay safe and healthy, from our family to yours.

“FBA COVID-19: Update on Prioritized Shipment Creation, New Tool to Check Eligibility.”Amazon, Goettsche Partners, 26 Mar. 2020,


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