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The current top trending categories and products on Amazon in May 2020

Updated: May 6

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Heres the list of top selling categories and the best trending products

#1: Home & Kitchen at 20.7%

Coming in at #1 is the category of home & kitchen. With spring in the air and many people at home, customers are taking advantage of their time by cleaning, cooking, gardening and just overall freshening up their homes.

This product sells a whopping 41,940 units a month"

So what is currently the #1 product in Home & Kitchen?

I always find myself asking seriously? That is selling that many a month, but the numbers and data don't lie. It's a... shower curtain, yep that takes #1 in Home & Kitchen in Sales Rank, and #1 in the subcategory: Shower Curtain Liners. This product sells a whopping 41,940 units a month based on SPM Analyzer Estimator Tool.

The top 5 products

  1. Shower Curtain

  2. Hand Towels

  3. Waffle Maker

  4. Ant Baits, Ant Killers

  5. 12oz Can Cooler

#2: Toys & Games at 10.6%

This category usually peaks in Q4 right around late October to January thru the Christmas season, but again with many people currently at home including school being out and summer coming up, parents are doing everything they can to keep their kids busy. This includes board games, puzzles, pool supplies and everything toys.

The #1 product is a large bottle of bubble solution for creating bubbles at events. This product sells 10,326 units a month. It could also be a potential niche product to add in your inventory, of course with the right supplier and a strong new Amazon listing.

The top 5 products

  1. Bubble Solution

  2. Inflatable Pool Hammock

  3. Jenga

  4. Inflatable Sprinkler for Kids

  5. Intex Inflatable Pool

Have you noticed certain categories decreasing or increasing in sales in the past few weeks? What are your thoughts, leave a comment below.


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